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May 2, 2011

A Very Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Last Friday, I was invited to a royal wedding viewing party. Not going to lie, I declined at first mainly because waking up at 3:30am didn’t sound too appealing. But Meghan Ely, the gracious hostess, encouraged me to come. And so I changed my mind and had a wonderful time! As soon as you walk into her home at 5am, she greeted with a warm smile and directed us straight to coffee. Haha. About 20 guests mingled, munched on pastries, sipped on mimosas and viewed the royal wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Here are some photos from the morning:

Love the napkins and fresh strawberries in bright bold red. The fresh pastries were also very delicious.

Yes, that is a royal mug of the newlyweds. But seriously, lets focus on the royal cake! How amazing is this? It was created by Graham from Cakes by Graham in Richmond, Virginia. I love the edible photo of William and Kate’s engagement photo against the gold fondant. Very regal.

Cucumber water and sparkling water. Pick your poison.

Now, onto the viewing! Guests wore fancy hats. Living room was decorated with William & Kate memorabilia.

Not a very flattering photo of the William and Kate. He looks tired and she looks bored. Haha. But, they were a beautiful couple!

Look at those fancy feathered hats!

News spread fast about Meghan’s royal viewing party. Good Morning America from ABC contacted her a few days prior. They set up shop at her home, interviewed her and shot the viewing party. The segment aired after the royal wedding. You can check out the clip here. 27 seconds into the clip you can see me for a hot second!

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Apr 28, 2011

Natural + Cozy Tablescape

Here’s another masterpiece from Carter and Cook, an event and design company based in Southern California. I love their work. I posted another tablescape from them a while ago. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it at Shimmer + Bold. In this tablescape I’m featuring today, persimmons, birch wood and yarn were the inspiration for this beautiful natural and cozy, succulent-filled tablescape. The versatility of this table could be used for a Fall or Winter wedding, Thanksgiving Feast or dinner party. So, now is the time to start planning the details! Carter and Cook wanted to achieve a cozy and comfy look with the use of natural elements. They added an arrangement of bright flowers to give the table a pop of color. The various textures, height and color all add to the overall look, and it’s gorgeous!

Carter and Cook created these DIY cupcake liner ruffle flowers and placed them strategically on the table runner. Click on the link to follow their super easy steps to create this super cheap DIY. Besides the ruffle flowers, how beautiful is this table! I know it’s a little Fall-inspired, but you can certainly change the color of the flowers to make it more Spring-like and change the fruit so it’s more in season.

The orange piece of fruit scattered around the table is called a persimmon. They’re delicious! They also used pears and pomegranates.

They also have a DIY for these cozy yarn covered chargers! I mean, seriously. Who thinks of that? I think it’s a nice touch to any tablescape whether it’s for a wedding, dinner party or brunch! It certainly can add a punch of color and softness against a white plate.

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Apr 21, 2011

A Very Girly DIY Bridal Shower

I just had to showcase this bridal shower on Pretty Tasty Things because the details were just perfect for the occasion. Korie Lynn of Korie Lynn Photography photographed Amanda’s day as a bride-to-be. Her beautiful DIY bridal shower took place at the Ladysmith Village Residents Club in Ladysmith, VA. The food was catered by the family, cupcakes from a local market and the papergoods were made by the bride’s sister-in-law, Jannah. Touches of bright color were utilized in the decor. The colorful straws, dessert pedestals and tablecloths added some funkiness and personality to the bridal shower. I hope you enjoy the details and maybe get inspired to add some personal touches to your next event!

I am in LOVE with these straws. I just want them in every color. The bold colors are ideal for any type of event. They’re definitely fun and whimsical. Here they placed the stars in mason jars. Rafia was used to tie a name card around the lip of the jar.

Here’s a photo of the beautiful bride-to-be. She’s a spitting image of a Barbie!

Cupcakes galore! This bride loved her cupcakes. There were probably five different flavors of cupcakes. And guess where she got them? Wegmans! They look like million-dollar cupcakes, too. I am a huge fan of cupcakes especially Frostings in Richmond, Virginia. We had cupcakes for our wedding cake and it was a hit. We served three different flavors. Read more about it in “ABOUT US.”

Not only did Jannah present the cupcakes on several different vintage pedestals, but she also created created labels placed in colorful frames. She also inserted circular and flag labels into some of the cupcakes. She could have just plated the cupcakes, but she took the extra time to add some personality and color to each cupcake. Love it!

Here is a closeup of the “Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter” cupcake label. OMG. That sounds amazing. Just look at how the frosting was piped on the top of the cupcake. That drizzle of chocolate with a peanut butter cup just completes it all. Must drop everything and go Wegmans. Ugh, if only I Richmond had one.

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Apr 11, 2011

A Pink + Sweet 16th Birthday

There’s something about this sweet 16th birthday that I love. It’s simple, yet detailed all at the same time. I find that a lot of tablescapes are sometimes too difficult to execute if you don’t have 10 professionals working on it. This party inspiration is an actual party, a real sweet 16 in Leesburg, Virginia. It’s too adorable and seems so easy to execute. Danielle, the birthday girl, main focus was the color palette—black, white and pink. From that point on, you can see those particular colors in all the details starting from the DIY invitations. She used decorative tape, purchased at Pretty Tape, as an accent on the flat invitations and envelopes, as well as on the candy display signs and vases to tie the details together.

Everyone loves a good candy bar. Danielle put together a candy bar filled with delicious treats for her guests. She placed the candy bar underneath a tree hung with large tissue pom-poms and yard flags that she created herself,  and hung a “Hooray!” banner from Nice in front of the table.

Here are the closeups for the candy bar. Here you can see she used glass vases for the candy and straws. She used her decorative tape around the vases and added homemade signs for each vase. Finally, she supplied paper pink bags for guests to place the candy or popcorn in. I absolutely love these bags with printed labels.

She also used vintage cokes with the barber straws. Lemonade was served in vintage champagne glasses with ribbon accents.

The pom-poms were made by Danielle. They are so soft and girly. I love the contrast it creates against the greenery of the trees. It just hung so nicely and played off the sky when the sun was setting.

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Apr 4, 2011

Shimmer + Bold Tablescape

Fuschia, red, purple, gold, blue and browns. Who knew that combination of colors would look so beautiful together. To be honest with you, I don’t wear a lot of color. My wardrobe consist of a lot of whites, tans and blacks. I like my plain white tee with my skinny jeans and a pair of flats. Looking at this tablescape though makes me wonder, am I totally missing out? I absolutely love this tablescape. Styled by Carter & Cook Event Co. by Ashlyn and Heather, “the table was inspired by fashion – gold sequins, heart lockets, hot shades of purple and confetti fill this modern table with lots of fun color. The bold shades of fuschia against the dark rustic wood table with sprinkled confetti screams celebration.”

They designed a fun, colorful garland made of fuchsia, warm pink and purple-tone folded paper strung together with thread. It hung against a perfect background, a rustic-gold wall. It made the garland pop!

Look how lush the flowers are. I’m not a floral expert, but it looks like a combination of just fuchsia carnations and roses. These type of flowers can be easily purchased at your local market at a very reasonable cost. Fuchsia might be a difficult color to find, so just find some in the same palette. LOVE IT.

The chairs actually remind me Paris. They always have an outdoor dining space at every restaurant I went to, and these rustic chairs were seated at every table. However, these were dressed up with a circular purple padding for the seat. Definitely a nice touch to the tablescape.

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