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Jul 27, 2011

“Let’s Feather their Nest” Baby Shower

Here’s a creative idea for a baby shower that incorporates both the mom- and dad-to-be. Let me present you with a “Let’s Feather their Nest” baby shower created by twin sisters, Amber Karson and Emily Butler of Amber Karson Events. I sometimes feel that dads-to-be get a little shafted during all the excitement and celebration of a new baby. Shouldn’t they be showered with love and gifts, too!? Call it non-traditional, but I would love a baby shower filled with guests of both guys and gals that are special in our lives. And that’s why I love this baby shower. The space is contemporary, the pops of color are vibrant, yet the details still keep it a little feminine. Take a look at all the beautiful images and become inspired for your next baby shower or event bridal shower event!

The invitation sets the mood for the “Let’s Feather their Nest” baby shower.

The baby shower event took place at Fathom Gallery in Washington D.C., a former-auto-garage-turned-mixed-use gallery space. Guests arrived at the gallery and were escorted upstairs to the open loft space. I love art galleries. The space is wide open for possibilities and creativity.

Look at this tablescape! It’s done very classy and simple. There’s not too much going on, which is good. Sometimes I feel some events tend to overdue it on the tablescape. You’re more focused on the decoration than the actual event. The table is adorned with ornate birdcages filled with flowers as center pieces with brightly colored feathers and ribbons on the turquoise chairs.

Here’s a closer look at the adorable napkins that continued the birdcage theme. They were placed on top of the stark white dinner plates while the brunch menu card laid on top. All the colors popped against the white tablecloth!

How fun is this? A guest book wall where guests left the parents-to-be special messages using a dry-erase pen on the gallery’s super cool cabinetry. To keep these special messages, just take photos of each message.

Lovely parents-to-be on the left with their delicious  soft white buttercream cake with a white chocolate bird’s nest as the topper.

Look at the little faux bird eggs!

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Jul 22, 2011

A Beer Tasting Birthday Party!

This past weekend I celebrated a birthday. Yes, I’m now 28. I’m nearing closer and closer to being 30, but let me tell you that I still feel and act like I’m 21. Yes, I’ve grown up a bit. I’ve gotten married and even purchased our first home, but the party shouldn’t end there. I still love to have a good time. For this particular birthday, we decided to invite some friends and family over for a BEER TASTING. Seriously, the best idea ever. Not only were people required to bring 2-3 bottles of one type of beer of their choice to share and taste, but there were leftovers for us at the end of the night! Score!

So this is how it went, everyone placed their bottles of beer in a large plastic tub full of ice. We’d select the a beer and pour a little sampling in everyone’s individual plastic cups. Everyone drank it whether they enjoyed it or not, but it was pretty cool to taste some new beers. We repeated this process with most of the beers people brought. If you can imagine, we probably tasted over 20 different kinds. So by the end of the night, I was definitely a little tipsy. Rightfully so.

Unfortunately, because of the amount of fun that was had during the beer tastings, I neglected to take any photos of the people actually tasting the beer. Haha. But here’s are some polaroids and photos I was able to take at the end of the night.

This is my joy—the Fujifilm Instax Mini. I love this little thing. Thank you Fuji for continuing the life of a polaroid. I purchased mine through Ebay along with the film about one year ago. But it seems more readily available anywhere online. Do some research. You can find it on B&H for only $67 or through Amazon for the same amount. The polaroid size for the Instax Mini is about the size of a credit card. I just love the instant film.

Here are a few photos of our friends and family that came to the beer tasting! I just wanted to thank you all for coming. It was a great night with some great people at our new casa. I hope you had a great time because I certainly did! We’ll have to do it again soon!

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Jul 1, 2011

Berry Tea Time Brunch

It’s been a while since I showcased a party inspiration on Pretty Tasty Things. Well, I’ve got a real good one for you today. Photographed by the oh-so-talented, Korie Lynn of Korie Lynn Photography, this Berry Tea Time Brunch was shot at James Monroe Museum in Downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. Estate china and the venue itself were the two key points of inspiration according to the event planner, Ashley with CA Event Planning. James Monroe Museum has beauty in itself with a very quaint courtyard surrounded with brick, pops of color and historical atmosphere. The James Monroe Museum would be perfect for a smaller ceremony or reception; it gives a very intimate feel. Take a look at this beautifully done photo shoot.

They used soft colors of pink, white and green as their Berry Tea Time Brunch theme started to unfold.

The green shutters were a perfect tie-in to the color palette. How fitting!

Floral china was borrowed from Ashley’s great grandmother and the crisp white doilies where from her husband’s Granny. They also used baby food jars filled with jam as a gift for each guest.

On to the dessert table. WOW.

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Jun 1, 2011

A Bright “Wild Thing” Birthday

Can I just say how freakin’ creative and well-done this birthday celebration is? I’m a little jealous that I never had a birthday celebration like this before! Everything from the invitation down to the custom-designed cookie labels was executed so perfectly. Designer and photographer Jackie Culmer is the mastermind behind this “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired 1st birthday for Ben. Her artistry was illustrated in all her beautiful photographs, as well as the theme continuing throughout all the little details. Take a look at this fun, bright and modern celebration for one truly lucky 1-year-old.

The invitation sets the mood and theme. The location of the party took place at Little Prince Cafe in California. How fitting!

What an adorable family. I’m still amazed on how much attention to detail there was. All the stationary was designed by Jackie Culmer. Beautiful!

According to Jackie, the main table was the focus. They featured elements that would remind you of the woods when spring is just starting. They used brightly colored yellow and green twig balls from IKEA and TPT Home to surround the cake. They also included discs of a tree trunk to give height and texture.

Cutest boy ever. Not afraid to get a little messy. My kind of kid.

Seriously. Look at this cake. This is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. The cake was created by Sweet Gems and was inspired by Jackie’s invitation she designed.

The topper is too perfect.

Table centerpieces were simple white vases from IKEA with billy buttons in keeping with the round elements on the main table. Jackie incorporated a few sayings from the book and movie to create custom signs to display around the event.

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May 19, 2011

Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower

Trish of Frilly Milly Events was approached by a friend to style a baby shower she was hosting. They had already established that it was going to be a brunch due to the mother-to-be’s love for breakfast. From there, they began to brainstorm and decided to incorporate vintage items such as milk glass cake plates, old tool chest drawers, milk bottles and more. Trish said that it turned it into a “farmhouse brunch” full of the goodness of a hearty brunch your grandmother would make, with the dainty-ness that honors the birth of a tiny baby girl.

The decorations started with a base of all white (inspired by old milk glass) accented with soft pastels of pink, butter yellow and green. Trish found an old wooden mirror outside a salvage store for $25 and turned it into a white chalkboard.  She debated on listing the menu on the chalkboard, but thought that seemed too predictable, so she started going through old nursery rhymes as an option. When it came down to it – everyone agreed that the saying they used was one that touched every mother’s heart…so they went with that.

Trish said the tiny chalkboards that labeled each item are one of her favorite aspects of the party. I couldn’t agree with her more. I used chalkboards at my wedding such as these, but in a larger format. It’s such an inexpensive detail for any type of event. Chalkboards never get old. Lets start discussing the food, since brunch is also my favorite meal of the day. Their menu included tiny glasses of syrup topped with french toast triangles as shown here.

I love when brunch includes something savory. Here, they offered maple glazed bacon skewers and assorted mini quiche. She served them on simple rectangular plates. The colors of the food truly pop out. I could eat that whole plate of bacon!

Look at these adorable frozen fruit cups! She even attached a mini silver spoon with a pretty pink ribbon.

For non-savory items, she served “Chummies,” which are hand-dipped decorated oreos. Are you serious? Why am I learning this for the first time?? Something I should definitely try making. I love how the pink, white and green theme continued down to the food. What a lovely touch.

Buttermilk biscuits with homemade preserves, as well as her grandmother’s famous heath bar coffee cake were served on beautiful white cake pedestals.

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