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Dec 14, 2011

Isabel’s Picks: From Blogger to Cookbook

I didn’t realize how intense the world of cooking blogs were until I actually started Pretty Tasty Things. There are literally tons of cooking blogs out there. Literally, a crapload. BUT, there are only a special handful of bloggers that have made it from blogger status to cookbook status. Maybe some day, I’ll get there. But for now, I’ll just be in awe of those that have made it. I’ve selected five of my all-time favorite cooking blogs that have inspired me in some way with my own cooking journey. These would certainly be worthy to make it to my cookbook collection. Maybe for Christmas, I’ll treat myself to a new book. But for now, check out their sick (in a good way) blogs.

And in no particular order:

Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson
Not out yet, but soon. I am envious of her baking skills. Looks so effortless.

La Tartine Gourmande by Beatrice Peltre
My inspiration. Her photography is out of this world. If you don’t even care about cooking, check out her blog for her stories and photography.

The Steamy Kitchen by Jaden Hair
Makes cooking Asian food so simple and beautiful. Really need this because I LOVE eating anything Asian.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond
This woman can do it all including a show on the Food Network.

Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson
Natural cooking is something I don’t do a lot of, but her recipes are super creative. Her following is enormous.

These are my blogger to cookbook picks that I certainly have my eye on. How bout you? Who are you favorite food bloggers or favorite cookbooks?

Nov 11, 2011

My Picks: Isabel’s “Love for Gray”

Here’s a new feature for you guys! A “my picks” feature that showcases some cute finds I think you would like. This first one for you is about my love for all-things gray. Well, namely for the kitchen, but you’ll find some random finds in there too. Gray is just so beautiful. From all the shades of gray whether you go cool or warm, it’s a neutral color that can work in any sort of condition. I definitely think gray is the new beige. Don’t you? What are some of your gray picks?

Herringbone Case : Classic wool herringbone pattern to encase your iPad.

Paper Straws : A little whimsy in your drink.

Behr Silver Drop Paint : A subtle gray on the walls. Calming influence. Our living room color. (thanks Gigi for the photo)

Commander in Chic : Gray nails, why not? Love.

Mustache Flasks : Mustache fever. A hot trend in weddings.

Japanese Washi Tape : Decorative tape for your next creative project.

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Jul 29, 2011

Tour: A Kitchen of My Own

Ever since I was little, I loved to cook. I was the one in the kitchen with my parents helping them prep. I even cooked for my siblings even though I was the youngest! I’ve cooked in a lot of kitchens, but never my own. So needless to say when Jared and I moved into our first home together and I got my first kitchen, I was the happiest girl in the world. My kitchen is my home because cooking makes me happy.

Our kitchen is actually designed very nicely. There is no wasted space. Every space was thought through and utilized since it’s not a very big kitchen. As you see in the photos, the kitchen is a little messy. It’s a very slow process furnishing and decorating our house, that will come in time. So please pardon the mess.

Here’s the entrance to the kitchen. The black and white checkered floor is the first thing we noticed when we first looked at the house.

And there she is, my beautiful black & white kitchen. Refinished original white cabinets, black appliances and chrome/silver accents. I absolutely felt in love with the layout and space. It’s the perfect size for Jared and I. And it’s even more perfect for food photography! I have a total of three windows that let in natural light. You can’t see the third, but this is ideal for taking photos of my recipes. Couldn’t be happier about that.

As you go in, to the right is our stove. It’s a relatively newer stove and it’s great. It heats up pretty fast. Right above the stove, the house came with a shelf where I’ve placed just a few things such as our salt and pepper shakers, olive oil, balsamic and our cocktail shaker. You know, stuff we use all the time ;)

There isn’t a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen, so space is limited for our dinnerware and glassware.

Our sink is amazing. The sink is deep and the faucet is Moen and has a pulldown faucet head. Best thing ever.

Thank goodness we have a walk-in pantry because there would be no way we could fit everything in our cabinets. As you see, it’s a little messy. I still need to organize all of our wedding gifts we received! Seriously, it’s a mess!

Here’s a peek into our refrigerator. Right now, there’s a lot of vegetables and alcohol. Haha! Kinda weird combination, but we had beer leftover from my beer tasting party and my parents gave us a lot of vegetables from their garden last weekend.

Green tomatoes? Oh yes. I’m making fried green tomatoes tonight for dinner. If they turn out well, you’ll see the recipe on Pretty Tasty Things.

Our crispers are filled with fresh veggies! We have onions, lemons, herbs, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli and more hidden beneath.

Our freezer which is completely empty except for some frozen meals, ice cream, frozen veggies and meat.

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May 26, 2011

Must Haves: Memorial Day Cookout

Happy Memorial Day, PTT readers! I’ve put together several must have items essential for a cookout to celebrate Memorial Day with your closest friends and family. I found some items on the relatively inexpensive side such as the plant pot from Ikea. It’s a steal at only $5.99 each. Buy three to spread across the picnic table and include some beautiful red dahlias. Also at Ikea, were these beautiful french-inspired Bistro chairs at only $15.99. Oh, that’s a bargain because a real deal vintage bistro chair can cost hundreds of dollars. Oh, I’ve checked. Another cheap item to dress up the picnic table is using jute or burlap that can be found at any fabric shop. Create a runner to be placed along the middle of the table.

And what’s a cookout without beverages served out of mason jars? These mason jar mugs are available at Pottery Barn at $24 for 6. I also love the Lotus dinnerware from Anthropologie. They look very rustic, something I would bring if I was going camping. Ideal for a cookout. Lets not forget about these adorable screen printed organic napkins from ohlittlerabbit on Etsy. They have so many designs to choose from. It’s hard to decide on just one. Happy Memorial Day!

1: Plant Pot from Ikea 2: Mason Jar Mug from Pottery Barn
3. Lotus Dinnerware from Anthropologie 4: Red Dahlia flowers found at your local florist
5: Screen Printed Organic Napkins from ohlittlerabbit
6: Burlap or Natural Jute from Save on Crafts 7. Folding Chair from Ikea $15

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May 5, 2011

Must Haves: Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! Here are some party items that would be perfect for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The Acacia Chip and Dip bowl I actually have. The wood is beautifully crafted and the bowl is ceramic. Rick Bayless is the ultimate chef for new Mexican cuisine. He was on Top-Chef Masters and won that first season. His book and salsa, are a must. I recently had Skinnygirl Margarita and boy they will hit you like a ton of bricks. You can’t go wrong with a classic margarita glass only $4.95 at Crate and Barrel. Lastly, figured one thing should be homemade so I opted to include a tortilla press to make fresh tortillas thus making fresh tortilla chips. Salud!

1: Acacia Chip and Dip Bowl from Crate & Barrel 2: Rick Bayless’ Fiesta at Rick’s
3: Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Margarita 4: Classic Margarita Glass from Crate & Barrel
5: Tortilla press from William Sonoma 6: Frontera Salsa by Rick Bayless

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