Mar 11, 2014

First and last attempt at sweet potato tots

Not every recipe I try is a success and I rarely post my failed recipes on Pretty Tasty Things, but this time I felt inclined to showcase my effort in my first and last attempt at sweet potato tots.  I love, love tots in general, and I think sweet potato tots are harder to come by so I followed this particular recipe because I was craving some. But sadly, it was a big disappointment. The steps seemed simple enough, but trust me, it wasn’t simple to make them. The tots turned out incredibly oily and undercooked, mainly because they were falling apart while frying. Maybe someone out there has a better recipe to try or tips to help, but honestly, I don’t even want to attempt to make them again. Some things are best store-bought and sweet potato tots are definitely one of them.

So I started off with peeling my sweet potato. Easiest step done!

Sweet Potato TotsSweet Potato Tots

I diced them into relatively small chunks to help them along in the food processor.

Sweet Potato Tots

Next, in several batches, I processed the sweet potato into fine bits and pieces. Small enough to hold together, but not enough to make it into mush.


I added the processed sweet potato into a medium-size bowl. I added 1/4 cup of flour with some salt and pepper and mixed with a fork to combine.

Sweet Potato TotsSweet Potato Tots

Now, forming these little suckers. The recipe failed to mention that forming these dainty little tots are seriously not fun. There was no easy way to make these tots so perfectly uniform. I used my hands, I used a mini-scooper, but they felt too loose when I tried to form them. I’ve never felt so frustrated while cooking before. They seemed as if they were going to fall apart on me every time. But I forged ahead and made the rest—ugly and all.

Sweet Potato Tots

I placed several tots in a hot pan of oil. I didn’t move them around, I left them alone for a minute or so to crisp up. But slowly, you can see them just fall apart. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG?! Little bits of the sweet potato started floating to the top. Even the touch of a tong, crumbled them. I just gave up after that first round of frying. I turned off the stove, threw everything away and thought to myself what a freakin’ waste of time.

Sweet Potato TotsIMG_6306

Sweet Potato Tots

In the end, it’s not worth it for me. Maybe I tried the wrong recipe. But either way, this just took too long for something so deliciously simple. I even made Jared taste the first and only batch, and he who rarely finds fault with my food, couldn’t stomach it. Trust me when I say, I will enjoy you, sweet potato tot, in a store-bought form or at a favorite restaurant around town called Toast. But this will be my last attempt at making them at home.

Sweet Potato Tots

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