Jun 2, 2013

A bonfire fit for any cowboy

Last week we had some ideal temperatures. Some nights dipped down pretty low. Low enough to leave the windows open, letting that cool breeze come into the house. I live for days like those. The cooler temperature sent me back to a night back in late Spring where good friends, Aaron and Cyndy, threw a cowboy bonfire at their house. Believe me when I say that this wasn’t just any bonfire. It was THE bonfire of all bonfires. Aaron and Cyndy live in Hanover with plenty of land. He built his own fire pit on his property and gathered all the wood from his backyard. The fire pit was roughly 6 feet wide so just imagine a blazing fire with flames reaching 4-5 feet tall. It was awesome. This bonfire was too good not to share with you all. It may be too warm for a bonfire now, but fall is just a few months away!


Look at all that wood. That’s what she said!


Now that is a pretty solid fire. Good job, Aaron!


Meanwhile, cornhole games were had while we wait for the fire to roar and the food to cook.




We were able to bring our puppy, Kevin. He wasn’t allowed to run around since there was a road nearby, so he was leashed up. He didn’t like it very much and later chewed his way out, but he enjoyed being with us :)


What’s a cowboy party without cowboy food? Jared and I were in charge of the cornbread. From Jared’s boyscout days, he camped out a lot. Fortunately, he had this huge cast iron skillet we used to cook the cornbread. I tried a new recipe from well-known chef, Hugh Acheson. We placed the cast iron skillet over the fire to heat up. We added loads of butter and once that melted, we added the cornbread batter. We covered it allowing to cook for 15-20 minutes. It came out perfect and paired very well with the chili.



Cyndy made two types of delicious chili. One with steak and the other with chicken. Both equally as good, super flavorful and very tender. Because chili takes all day to cook, she had to prepare them ahead of time in crock pots. I don’t think there were any left at the end of the night!



We also roasted some hotdogs which were surprisingly difficult to do since the fire was SO incredibly hot and our sticks weren’t long enough.


For dessert, we roasted marshmallows over the fire for good old fashioned s’mores. Our friend, Kara, brought a homemade fruit cobbler that she prepared at home, but cooked it over the fire in a cast iron skillet. It came out so hot that it warmed us up on a chilly night.


After dessert and a few more nightcaps, the fire finally died down. It was a great night with some great company. Thank you so much Aaron and Cyndy for having us over. Aaron, you certainly win for best bonfire. And Cyndy, you win for best chili. Thank you guys!!


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  • WOW, sounds like a GREAT time!!!! Wonderful pictures of fun, food, and friends. That guy can really build a FIRE!!!!

    • Isabel

      Definitely a great time!! Thanks for having us, you know how to throw a fun party!

  • Who eats all those eggs???

    • Isabel

      Someone who likes to make huge fires!

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