Aug 19, 2012

Pork and Collard Greens over Rice

From the kitchen of: Seamus, my brother-in-law  Makes: 6-8 servings
Total time: 10 min to prep, 6-8 hrs on low in crock pot

I won’t take credit for this recipe. I have my brother-in-law, Seamus, to thank. He makes this crazy awesome pork and collard greens in a crock pot every once in a while. Since we moved out of their home a few years ago, we don’t have the luxury of eating this all the time. So recently, I emailed him for the recipe because we wanted to make it ourselves. When I asked for it, I learned that he got the recipe from his friend, James. So, a big thanks to James for sharing your recipe with Seamus and in turn, with Pretty Tasty Things readers. My husband and I absolutely love the salty and intensely flavorful combination of Old Bay seasoning with Worcestershire sauce. These strong spices permeate the pork and collard greens for hours in the crock pot allowing everything to get super tender. The juices from the pork and spices create such a bold taste. It’s perfect served over a bed of rice to balance out all the flavors.

1/4 cup Worcestershire
3 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning
1 bunch of collard greens, 2 if you have a big crock pot
1 pound crimini mushrooms, quartered
2-3 lbs pork shoulder (aka pork butt)
steamed rice

1. Prep collard greens.
Carefully rinse the collard greens under cold water to remove any dirt. Pat dry. With a sharp knife, slice the collard greens 1-inch thick.

2. Pack the crock pot. Place the sliced collard greens in the crock pot. Remove the pork shoulder from the packaging and place directly above the collard greens. Over the pork, add the Worcestershire and then sprinkle the Old Bay Seasoning. Cover and allow to cook in the crock pot for 8 hours on low.

3. Add mushrooms. About 2 hours before you serve, add the quartered mushrooms into the crock pot. Allow the mushrooms to cook down and about an hour before it’s ready, break up the meat and mix everything together with a pair on tongs. Serve over hot rice. Enjoy!

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  • To-almost-do-anything-for type of meal

  • You are very welcome! I hope everyone enjoys it!

    • Isabel

      I’m sure readers will! Thanks, James!

  • Worcestershire and old bay is a good combo I hadn’t tried before. I found that I needed to add some liquids (I used white wine) to keep the collards from crisping up during the second hour.

    • Isabel

      That’s a great idea! The pork shoulder I get tends to be a little fatty so that helps. But if you have a leaner piece of meat, adding some liquids definitely helps. Great tip!

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