Jun 4, 2012

Sara & Bryan’s Handmade Vintage Wedding

Meet the newly Mr. & Mrs. Sara & Bryan whose wedding we had the honor of attending several weeks ago. Let me just tell you how freakin’ lovely and adorable this wedding was. Imagine going on a wedding blog like Green Wedding Shoes or Once Wed and picturing this wedding on there. Everything about it was so personalized, it was damn impressive. Lets take a look at all the handmade details the bride and groom put together for their friends and family.

Entrance: The wedding took place at the bride’s parents’ home. As you walk towards the house, you’re greeted with just some wonderful touches right off the bat. On a table, the bride placed turquoise Mason jars with a variety of bright and colorful flowers on a floral print linen. She also made a “Bryan & Sara” embroidered sign hung on a tree trunk, as well as, a “Welcome” sign in gold glitter letters. The DIY fan programs, ideal for a hot day, were placed in an old suitcase. Family photos were displayed in vintage frames on an old desk. Gifts could be placed in a wheel barrel of sorts that was covered with a quilt. Lace was hung in embroidery hoops off to the side. Seriously, there wasn’t anything Sara missed!

Ceremony: The ceremony was set off to one side of the property where the two said their vows. A bright red-orange, Indian patterned rug was placed at the foot of their handmade wooden altar. The ceremony was very sincere and sweet. It was short, which was nice because the sun was right on top of us. However, the vows and simplicity of it all, was very tender and emotional. They even had their pet dog walk around the ceremony. So cute!

Reception: After the ceremony, guests congregated under the tent where round tables were set up. Each table was covered in white linens and some had fabric or burlap overlays. Wine bottles were covered in yarn adding more color to the table. They also included a disposable camera with “Lets Play I Spy” game. The flowers were just so simple, carefree and colorful. Around the main centerpiece were smaller bottles with a single flower in each. The reception was very rustic and homey, which was very fitting because it was at a family home. I thought the décor was absolutely perfect.

Beverages: Guests could help themselves to all the beer and wine they could drink! The couple purchased three kegs — Fat Tire, Legend Brown and Miller Lite — and placed them in a canoe filled with ice. I drank white wine most of the time since the weather was warm. But, by the time I tried getting a beer, the kegs had been kicked! Missed my chance of drinking really good beer at a wedding…darn! Haha!

Food: And the food was served! I love the chalkboard frame Sara created to display the menu. Guests helped themselves to a buffet-style meal. Wooden disposable utensils and plastic plates were set on the table. Delicious food from steamed spiced shrimp to green salad with orange ginger dressing were served, which were my favorite items on the menu. Towards the end of the night after more drinking and some dancing, I definitely found myself at the buffet table eating more spiced shrimp…haha.

Cake: Seriously, one of the best slices of cake I’ve had at a wedding. It was homemade, moist, flavorful and not overly sweet with the icing and raspberry filling. The slice I got was practically the size of my head. Couldn’t finish it all, but that’s why I have Jared. He ate the rest of my slice, as well as, a slice of apple and key lime pie that were also served.

Style: Bryan and Sara’s style was totally them. Bryan looked cool with his black Raybans, blue plaid shirt, linen vest and khaki pants. Sara was a Greek goddess with her flowy off-white dress, hair loosely braided to the side, turquoise & gold earrings and red shoes. They were rocking it that night and there was nothing I didn’t love.

Sendoff: Sparklers and a scooter. Have you ever seen a more perfect combination? I loved it. I thought this was so personal and completely them. Bryan was cheesin’ from ear to ear, and so was Sara. I honestly think this was one of my favorite parts of the wedding.

Thanks so much Sara & Bryan for allowing me to share your beautiful wedding with my PTT readers! I know I didn’t showcase every single detail, but I was having too much of a good time :) Your wedding was one of my favorites that I’ve ever experienced. You guys did such a wonderful job on all the little details. I love when couples take the time to showcase their personality and style through the décor. Makes it memorable and special. Bellissimo!

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