Jun 26, 2012

3-ingredient ice cream sandwich

From the kitchen of: IsabelĀ  Makes: as many as you’d like
Total time: minutes to prepare

Three of my favorite ice cream truck treats were Super Mario Bros ice cream bar, the Bomb Pop and the ice cream sandwich. Whatever few coins we had in our pockets, my siblings and I would hear the truck roll through our neighborhood and we’d run out, literally, and hail them down. Life was so incredibly simple back then. Not a care in the world when we’re savoring our ice cream. If we didn’t have enough money for ice cream, we’d get a box of Lemonheads just to get something sweet, or in this case, something tart. I will say that the Super Mario bar was my top choice. However, I would occasionally break out of my box and get an ice cream sandwich. The basic ice cream sandwich was simple. There was no fuss involved. Everyone had their own way of eating it, but I always licked the vanilla off the sides and then I liked to squish the ice cream out and ate the chocolate part last. It was the best.

The recipe is a tribute to my childhood and to the classic ice cream sandwich. I cut some corners mainly because when I entertain I like to enjoy my company and allow them to partake in making their own dessert. With store-bought Italian pizzelle cookies that can be purchased at specialty stores, mini chocolate chips and vanilla bean ice cream, I made my own version of an ice cream sandwich that literally took minutes to prepare. This is certainly a twist to my childhood favorite, but still just as delicious and memorable.

Italian pizzelle cookies
mini chocolate chips
vanilla bean ice cream, or your favorite flavor

1. Gather ingredients.
Create an assembly line with all three ingredients. Remove the Italian Pizzelle cookies from the packaging and set aside. Next to the cookies, place the mini chocolate chips onto a plate, and then have your ice cream ready with an ice cream scoop.

2. Scoop ice cream. Lay two cookies on the counter. Scoop a large round of ice cream and gently place it on one cookie. Take the other cookie and lay on top of the ice cream applying a little pressure to flatten it. Be gentle, the cookie will break.

3. Add chocolate chips. With your fingers, sprinkle the mini chocolate chips around the edge of the ice cream while pressing the chips down so that they adhere to the ice cream. Make to serve and eat immediately. Enjoy!

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  • in my belly, please.

    • Isabel

      lets make more!

  • Isabel — these look great! I love pizelles. Your blog is so super cute!

    • Isabel

      Thanks, Emily! YOU have a blog too! That’s so great…wahoo for bloggers on Team McLean! Now, I gotta go check yours out!

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