May 25, 2012

Filthy 5k Mud Run…One and done!

I don’t know why my husband convinces me to run. I am not a runner. Never have been. To run 3.1 miles is not normal to me. So to run 3.1 miles up and down hills, through mountain trails, across bridges and crossing through a mud pit…well, that’s definitely not normal. It’s a lot harder and more difficult than you think. But I did it! Wahoo! I accomplished my goal to at least finish the race and not stop. I only have Jared to thank for. He helped me cross the finish line with words of encouragement all the way through. Your support, Jared, is priceless.

Dominion Riverrock is a few years old to the Richmond area. It’s an outdoor lifestyle festival with tons of bands performing during the weekend with fun athletic races that include running, kayaking, biking, dog jumping and so much more. It’s an event that brings thousands of people to Brown’s Island in Richmond. We decided to participate in the Filthy 5K Mud Run just to cross it off our list. While it certainly was fun, I probably wouldn’t do it again. We both like to be active in our lives, but running is just not fun for me. I’d rather continue with MMA than run :)

Here’s a before and after photo of us:

After running 3.1 miles, we came close to the finish line and had to Army crawl through a mud pit. That’s probably the tannest Jared has ever been! The weather was pretty ideal. It was a little warm in the beginning, but as soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped and we were freezing!

We were able to rinse off with cold water through hoses that were set up for the runners. As a reward, each runner got one drink ticket to enjoy a beverage after the race. Honestly, Jared had to finish my beer because my whole body was shivering. We were both freezing to death, literally freezing, because it got so cold and we were still damp. As soon as we finished our drinks, we booked the hell out of there, turned the heat on in the car, drove home and took hot showers. We got into comfy clothes and fell asleep. Running certainly takes a lot out of you and I was exhausted.

Running the Filthy 5k was definitely a great experience to share with my husband, but like I said in my headline….ONE AND DONE!

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