Apr 4, 2012

Wine for $4? La Finca all the way!

I threw a small dinner party last Friday night for some friends from college. It was a mini reunion filled with laughs and good times. I traditionally like serving a special cocktail, but time got the best of me. So, I decided to serve red wine and beer. We got a 24-bottle case of Yuengling for only $17 at Costco. Cheap, huh?! And for wine, I also went cheap, but still delicious. The average price for a bottle of wine is probably around $12. Well, $12 is too much for my pocket especially when you have to buy several. I recommend going to your nearest Trader Joe’s and picking up a few bottles of La Finca.

There are three types of La Finca red at Trader Joe’s — Cabernet Souvignon, Malbec and Tempranillo. I’ve sampled each one and I usually go for the Cab and Malbec. Mind you, it’s still a $4 bottle. So don’t expect this to be the best wine you’ve ever drank. It’s good because it’s cheap and sometimes, that’s good enough for me. The flavors are not bad at all, not as full-bodied as I like, but hey, it’s still pretty tasty.

This has been my wine of choice for dinner parties lately. Never disappoints. Whether you go with La Finca or another drinkable wine at Trader Joe’s, I say $4 for a bottle of wine is the way to go. People don’t even notice after their third glass…ha. It’s true! Anyways, lets hear from you. What’s your favorite super cheap wine and where can I get it?


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  • 2010 LaGranja 360 Tempranillo

    • Isabel

      That is a good one! It’s from Spain, right? I forgot about that one.

  • My favorite red from Trader Joe’s, so far, is Nero d’Avola (its Sicilian).

    • Isabel

      Oh nice! I haven’t had that before, will try the next time I stop at Trader Joe’s! Thanks, Sarah!

  • […] the whites and lighter reds, felt really nice on the palette. This doesn’t even compare to my Trader Joe wine, sorry La Finca. I can splurge a little bit when the wine is this good. I brought one home […]

  • Tempranillo La Finca (Mendoza, Argentina) from Tarder Joe’s has been on my dinning table since 2011.

  • Where I get $4 bottle this Wine …this is a great Wine I just drink …

    Minh Truong
    6000 Oakwood Dr
    Lisle Illinois 60532

    • Isabel

      Trader Joe’s! Not sure if there’s one in your area, but that’s where I get my cheap wine :)

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