Apr 26, 2012

First Canfield Beer Olympics!

If you enjoy drinking copious amounts of beer while competing in yard games, then this is for you. Jared and I hosted the first “Canfield Beer Olympics” in honor of the summer games and for the honest reason of just because. Technically, it was my idea since my best friend from college was visiting for the weekend. We held Beer Olympics during our senior year at JMU and it was utterly ridiculous. Lets just say, I ended up in the creek tossing a yearbook in the water. LOL. This time around, we were a little older and wiser so there was no falling in the creek or tossing around books. But, it was still loads of fun with some friends. I also came to the realization that I’m not as young as I use to be, and drinking beer fast is not my forte.

I seriously went all out with a handmade Olympic rings and “Canfield Olympics” sign courtesy of Jenny. We prepped the yard with tables, got all the materials out, printed out the games/rules on my clipboard and got the medals ready for the winners. Oh yes, when I throw an event, I go all out. Paper for the rings were from Dollar Tree. Medals from Party City.

If you’re interested in hosting a Beer Olympics at your home, definitely keep it outdoors. Beer on hardwood floor is not a good idea. Have a variety of games that doesn’t involve TOO much drinking. Lets be real here. You don’t want people puking. Invest in a keg and have some can reserves in the fridge. We started around 3:30pm and the keg was kicked by 7 or so. Also, we got a keg of PBR. Go for the cheap, but still drinkable stuff. Last but not least, stick to your house rules. Be loud, if you need to. It makes it easier if you have a game plan and that you stick to them. Now, lets take a look at the games we played:

1. Straw Sippin’ Beer Tray (Team Race): This was the first game, which was probably a good idea since it was a lot harder than you think. This game is a timed-relay challenge. The first team member must drink an ice cube tray full of beer with a regulation-size straw before the next team member begins. The team to complete the race the quickest wins this event.

2. Flip Cup (Team Race): We played this bracket-style. Since we had four teams, 2 teams would compete against each other in a best out of five in the first round. The winners of round one moves on to the championship round.

3. Egg Toss (Partner Race): Each player pairs up with a designated partner from their team. Partners line up across from each other at the top of the yard. Start about a foot away and toss the egg to your partner with the right hand while the left hand is holding a beer. The partner tosses back the egg. After everyone has completed that first toss, the back partner takes a few steps back and the tossing continues. At one point someone will drop their egg. Once that happens they are out of the game and they have to chug a beer.

4. Survivor Flip Cup (Individual Challenge): The rain came and we moved inside to the side-covered porch to play my favorite game, Survivor Flip Cup! Unfortunately, I didn’t last very long, but it was still my favorite. This is like flip cup, but every man for themselves. No teams. Chug, flip the cup and then raise hands. Last person to raise their hands are out. Continues on until you have a winner! Shout-out to Jared for being the ultimate Survivor Flip Cup champ!

5. Beer Pong (Team Race): Last, but not least, Beer Pong. Played bracket-style as well. My house rules were, no bounce, girls can blow and rack at 3-2-1. At that point, I had enough beer and didn’t play. Since this was the fifth game, it was more casual. People were just chilling and watching. I usually play with 6 cups per side, but as you see in the image, that’s clearly not 6 cups. Some teams were playing a very different style of beer pong called Chuck Norris…haha.

Also, had Dizzy Bats ready to play, but no one really wanted to! Incase you wanted to include this in your Beer Olympics, here are the rules: Chug a beer. Run to your bat across the lawn. Spin around the bat three times and then run back to the end of the yard. Each member of the team must compete. Quickest to complete the race wins.

Congratulations to Team Sticky! Beau, Scott, Kyle and Bartos definitely killed it winning three of the the five events becoming the ultimate Beer Olympic Champs! As a prize, they got beer mugs I got from the Dollar Tree :) Thanks everyone for coming out. Hope you had a blast!

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