Apr 6, 2012

A woodsy flavor with cedar planks

Just recently, I experimented with cedar planks on the grill. I’ve always wanted to try it to see if it actually makes a difference to the flavor. Well sure enough, it does! I did have some issues with my charcoal grill though. The charcoals had stayed on for quite some time, so by the time I wanted to grill, the fire had died down. I eventually had to finish cooking the salmon in the oven. However, during the time it was grilling on the planks, I could immediately taste the smokiness that the cedar planks had provided. It was the coolest concept and wish I wasn’t so new to this cooking process.

First things first, remove the planks from the packaging. I found theseĀ Fire & Flavor cedar planks sold at Kroger for only $7, and it comes with 2 planks. As stated in the directions, soak each plank in water for an hour before you start grilling. I used a heavy bowl to submerge them into the water. Whether you purchase these Fire & Flavor cedar planks or find some some actual cedar at Home Depot, soaking them in water is a must unless you want your wood to catch on fire! Just so you know, these cedar planks can be reused 2-3 times.

When you’ve soaked the planks for an hour and the charcoals are nice and hot, place the soaked planks on the grill. Heat both sides for 3 minutes according to the directions.

Next add your marinated fish on the planks. Cover the grill and allow the fish to cook through. Because my grill wasn’t hot enough, I didn’t get an accurate cooking time for the fish, but I’d imagine it would only be 20 minutes or so. I’m going to try this again soon and develop the timing and marinade better. But all in all, cedar planks are a very creative way to add additional flavor to fish. The fish stays tender and moist infused with a woodsy, earthy flavor…amazing!

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  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions as I can’t wait to try them out,I’ve used the cedar planks before and enjoy them very much but some of your steps I never thought of thank you very much…

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