Mar 14, 2012

Landscaping woes

If there’s one thing I am not a fan of, it’s probably gardening/mowing/landscaping. All of the above. I can handle a small herb garden, but nothing more. Haha. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t grow up gardening. I never even touched a lawnmower until I was 28 and owned my first home. It’s just something I don’t really enjoy doing. I’d rather sit in my back porch and bask in the sun while enjoying a cool cocktail.

So, here’s our dilemma. The landscaping of our house is crap. Yes, crap. Weeds are growing in cracks. The boxwood scrubs are not growing in the front of the house. There are random plants that don’t match with anything. As you can see, our house is lacking in curb appeal. I wish I had money just to hire someone to make our outside look pretty. If only it was that easy, right? Since we don’t have money to hire a contractor, we went to Southern States this past Monday and started thinking about some inexpensive options.

At the beginning of our walkway, we have little cutouts on each side where plants and/or flowers can be planted. Whoever owned our house before, apparently didn’t care about gardening either. I mean seriously, there are FOUR different plants in one small area. Less is more people! Do you have any ideas on what would look good here?

As you walk towards the house, the scrubs are just pitiful. They make me want to cry. We’ve been here for a year, and the shrubs haven’t grown an inch. While at Southern States, we learned that the shrubs are called “Boxwood.” They may not like the sun and could take 3 years to grow bigger, if the right type was planted. Well, this is the one thing we want to change first. We spoke to a gardener and she gave us some tips on some shrubs.

Nothing looks uniform. There’s no height or color to any of these shrubs. We would like to cover the drain eventually with something. I just think all these plants need to be replaced!

So after some advice from Southern States and a little research, there are two types of shrubs we are leaning towards. There are a couple of factors in deciding these two shrubs — the sun and the height. I love this first choice, the Otto Luyken Laurels. I found some photos online and love the leaves on this shrub. They have white flowers that bloom in the Spring. Apparently, this is a low-maintenance shrub, perfect for this girl.

The other shrub we might be interested in is more common and more affordable, the Compacta Holly. They start off small, but grow much larger. They’re fantastic in the sun and will need to be trimmed to the shape you desire. Figured these would be nice because they’re uniform and pretty sturdy.

Anyways, these are our two options so far. Do you have any advice on shrubs? I would love some advice on which shrub to choose between. Maybe there’s a different shrub that would work with lots of sun. Please share some advice with me because like I said, I am pretty stupid at gardening!


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  • We have been doing some landscaping as well, also not my favorite thing! For your shrubs, I am an azalea lover, there are a couple of varieties that are full sun tolerant. For your front, some knock out roses would be pretty, and they are low maintenance. Or, Blue Plumbago is pretty as well.

    • Isabel

      I thought about azaleas, but didn’t find one that I really liked at Southern States. Maybe I’ll check out another nursery. And we were seriously considering some sort of flower for the front, so thanks for the suggestion for knock out roses. I like low maintenance :) Do you know if they get tall? No worries, I’ll just google it. Thanks so much, Audrey!!

  • You need Aaron’s mad landscaping skills! He’s excellent at designing and picking the right plants. We have hoogendorn holly for evergreen (green year round) and barberry for color. They’ve filled in very nicely since being planted, but do not need pruning very often. Then you just throw in some annuals a few times a year for your big pop of color! Seriously…talk to Aaron! He’s da man!

    • Isabel

      Oh snap! Aaron does have some mad landscaping skills! :) Your landscaping looks excellent! He actually just sent me an email. You guys are the best. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!

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