Mar 1, 2012

Girl Scout Cookie Nirvana

This day couldn’t have come sooner. My colleague came over to my desk and dropped off my order for GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! Joy immediately sank in. Not only for me, but for Jared as well. He is the one and only cookie monster. My colleague is a troop leader and every year, she passes the form around the department and every year, I order several boxes. Well, when she dropped off the brown paper bag, the top was stapled. Smart. I resisted diving right in during work. I took the bag home, sat it on my counter and slowly unraveled the top to see bright colors peak through.

And there they are…samoas, thin mints and trefoils…get in my belly! I think these cookies are just as excited to be eaten as I am excited to eat them!

A normal person with some self-control would probably open the first box, finish it and then open the next. That’s not how I work. I opened all three and savored each cookie, one at a time. Just me with my cookies in my kitchen. Mmmmm….

Just so you know, the trefoils aka shortbread, pair great with Nutella!!

So, if you didn’t order your boxes, I’m sure you can find some troop in front of Walmart or Kroger. Go out, support your local girl scout troop and get your boxes because this only happens once a year. Enjoy the cookies! I know I have been.

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