Feb 13, 2012

Newest addition to the family!

Who doesn’t love photos of cute babies? Well, I got one to show off :)

Meet Kiernan, the newest addition to the family. He’s our newest nephew born February 9th and is by far the cutest Irish/Filipino baby ever. I wanted to show off what kept me out of the kitchen this weekend. Kiernan is a wonderful blessing and joy. He will certainly be spoiled and most certainly loved!

That’s the papa on the right. No photos of the mama though, she would get mad if I added a photo of her. Obviously, she was very exhausted with a 20+ hour labor!

Papa trying to burp the baby. Look at Kiernan’s chubby cheeks and full set of hair! Adorable, right?!

Uncle Alex on the left!

Big yawn! All he does is sleep!

With Auntie Sharon.

With Auntie Isa and Uncle Jared. Since we live nearby, we’ll be visiting and babysitting often :)

With lola and lolo aka grandma and grandpa. Very proud.

Brought Kiernan back home to introduce him to Kody, the Alaskan Malamute. Kody was overly excited. Might take some time for Kody to get use to this little one.

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