Feb 10, 2012

A start to our rustic + modern dining room

We moved in last June and our house is still in need of some furniture. Just so you know, we literally had nothing coming into our home. We had only a couch, tv, kitchen wedding gifts, our bed and some odds n’ ends. Right now, our house is a hodgepodge of college furniture, thrift stores finds and hand-me-downs. We’re working with what we have and making the best of it.

We needed a stable dining room table badly, one that didn’t womble when cutting food. So for Christmas, I asked for IKEA gift cards from my family. I got $125, so we made a short trip to Woodbridge in Northern Virginia and spent my gift cards!

Hellloooo, IKEA!

FYI going to IKEA an hour before it closes = best thing in the world. No one is there!

Let the shopping begin!

Right off the bat, Jared already seems uninterested…haha.

A few things that caught our eye…

But ultimately, we came for this. The Lyckhem white dining table for a mere $179. It was perfect for our dining room and inexpensive for our pockets. It could seat 4-8 people since a leaf was included. Maybe down the road, I’ll get my farmhouse table. But this will work for now.

SOLD! At the register, it rang up at only $125! Apparently, this table was being discontinued so they lowered the cost. Wahoo! We walked away paying practically nothing. Thank you, IKEA and gift cards! Wahoo!

Before we left to go back to Richmond, we, of course, had the Swedish meatballs at the cafeteria. You can’t leave IKEA without having the meatball platter with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and the meatballs covered in gravy. Addicting.

We take this 80-pound package back home to Richmond, and the next morning, Jared gets to work with some of my assistance.

20+ page instruction booklet. Shoot me now.

I won’t go into detail about the construction of the table since you probably don’t want to hear it, but it took about 30-45 minutes from start to finish to put the it together. As long as you follow the directions, it should go as planned.

And bam! There’s the table. Jared did an amazing job putting it together. With a few choice words here and there, putting it together wasn’t too terrible. We added felt padding to the bottom of the legs to avoid scratches on the hardwood floors.

And now, we dressed up the table with some linens and vintage chairs.

The chairs, I love. They are called “Bentwood” chairs from the 40s. I found two chairs from the Goodwill and the other three (one not shown) from the Class and Trash. Class and Trash is a off Washington Hwy in Glen Allen. I found this place several months ago and I am forever a fan. They sell vintage pieces, furniture, collectables, antiques, anything you can imagine at a very reasonable cost.

The beautiful runner was a Christmas gift from a friend of ours. She purchased it from her daughter’s shop in Charlottesville called Roxie Daisy. The napkins were only $.99 each from IKEA, as well as the milk cups. The napkins surprisingly matched the runner quite perfectly.

We now have a beautiful and inexpensive dining room table + chairs that only set us back $200. I just love the character and details in the chairs, and even the stark white table. It’s a perfect blend of rustic and modern. Now, we can have our friends over more often! Just don’t look at the walls. I know they are in dire need of some art…

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