Sep 2, 2011

Barstool Dilemma for our “new” Craigslist Bistro Table

Hello readers! So it’s been a while, huh? Well, apparently Hurricane Irene did cause some damage to the Richmond area so the Canfield casa is without power since last Saturday afternoon. So luckily, my sister just got her power back and now I’m sitting at her place wishing we had power. For the mean time, I wanted to do this quick post requesting some advice from my readers on which barstool you think would go with our new (new to us) bistro table.

Last week, I found this bistro table on Craigslist for a whopping $40! These bistro tables aren’t cheap so I definitely jumped on this amazing deal. I don’t mind the leg base color, but I plan on staining the tabletop to a darker wood making it more rustic.

Stain: So we decided to use the Minwax Wood Finish Stain Dark Walnut. I found an image of a desser showing what the stain would look like. I just love how the dark wood contrast against the white so well. This is exactly what I’m going for. We haven’t stained the tabletop yet, but I’m hoping for this outcome. Besides sanding and using polyurethane afterwards, do you have any advice for me?

Bistro Table: Here is our 40 dollar investment. Gotta love Craigslist! If you’re patient, you’ll find some great finds there. The bistro table is the perfect size for our nook. Right now, our kitchen is unfinished. We still need to paint the walls, add some art and move the pot rack to a different location. I think once I get the table and barstools, I’ll have a better idea of how to decorate the kitchen.

Here are the two barstool options I’m leaning towards. Let me know what your favorite is by leaving a comment below.

Option 1: Cargo barstool from World Market. I like the industrial, rustic feel of this barstool. I feel once we stain the tabletop, the steel will compliment the colors of the bistro table. I also like how these can be tucked underneath the table allowing more room in the breakfast nook.

Option 2: Aluminum brushed barstool. I also like this option. It’s completely the opposite from the cargo barstools, it’s more refined and modern, but I feel it would look just as good. I do like how this option has a back to the barstool, making it more comfortable in the long run.

So, here’s my barstool dilemma…I appreciate your advice on this! If anyone knows me, I’m a little indecisive on decorating. So any help, would be appreciated! Let me know what you think. Should IĀ even consider a different option?

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  • At least the way the colors are in the photos above, I think #1 would look better because it seems to match your pots/pans and trash can. :) And, since you have the pot rack above the table, the backless stools may give the illusion of more headroom around the table. I’m definitely no interior decorator, but those are my two cents and I think it’ll look great either way!

    • Isabel

      thanks, meghan for your advice! the backless stools will definitely give more headroom considering the pots are hanging above. we plan on moving the pot hanger to above the stove, but it probably won’t be for a while. i do like the color of #1 a little better, too :) thanks for your input!! love you!

  • When you are sitting at the breakfast nook hungover and tired after a night out, you are going to definitely want the chairs with the back on them haha…but I do love the look of #1 – however, I am a creature of comfort and practicality and #2 would be my choice.


    • Isabel

      LOL! oh Laura, you are too funny. You definitely make a valid point. Never really thought about it that way :) You are making this tough to decide!! Thanks, Laura!

  • Great find! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it!

    • Isabel

      You’ll find out soon enough!

  • R U S T I C…

    all the way. Just make sure you can get it in the right height so your chin won’t be in line with the table top. Matching the right stool height with bistro tables is the vain of most architects….

    • Isabel

      Thanks, Adam for you suggestion. I love the rustic too. We would order the barstool in the 30″ instead of the 24″, which I think would definitely be high enough for the bistro table. I couldn’t agree with you more on that!

  • […] Let the stain sit for a minute and remove any excess stain with a cloth towel or T-shirt. I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain and needed only one coat. I didn’t want it too dark. Let it dry completely […]

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