Aug 2, 2011

Recipe for: Fried Green Tomatoes

FROM THE KITCHEN OF: Isabel Canfield
TOTAL TIME: 10 min to prep, 15 min to fry
about 12-15 slices

Fried green tomatoes are definitely a Southern thing. Besides watching the 1991 movie years ago, I don’t think I was really introduced to one until I moved to Richmond. My two favorite places to get fried green tomatoes are Comfort on Broad street and Juleps in Shockoe. They are to die for! If you can’t get to either one of those places in Richmond, no need to fret. I’ve done my research to try to bring you a fried green tomato recipe that stacks up close to the ones I love from these two restaurants.

I believe the texture of a fried green tomato is key to making it perfect. Now, I’m not a true Southerner by any means so this may not be very traditional, but I think it’s still pretty damn good. I like a heavy coating so I opted to use buttermilk instead of milk, and used a combination of both breadcrumbs and cornmeal. The green tomato is still firm, yet tender beneath all the crispy layers. It’s not greasy at all, it’s light and airy, and out of this world. Try this Southern favorite. You will never eat just one.

3 green tomatoes
1 cup of flour
1 cup of plain bread crumbs
1 cup of yellow cornmeal
1 cup of buttermilk
salt + pepper
vegetable oil

1. Slice the tomatoes. Rinse and pat dry the green tomatoes. Slice the tomatoes into 1/4-inch thickness. Season both sides with salt.

2. Bread the slices. In three separate bowls, add flour to the first one with some salt and pepper, buttermilk to the second, and combine the breadcrumbs and cornmeal in the third. Taking a slice of tomato, lightly coat it in the flour, coat both sides with the buttermilk and then dredge into the breadcrumb/cornmeal mixture. Repeat process for all the slices.

3. Fry the coated slices. Meanwhile, heat a large skillet on medium heat with vegetable oil about 1/4-inch high. Once the oil is hot, gently place 5-6 slices into the pan. Let one side turn golden brown, about 2-3 minutes per side, before turning it over. Remove and place on a baking rake to drip the excess oil. I kept mine in the oven until all the slices were fried.

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