Jul 8, 2011

Our Very First Garden

I don’t really have much of a green thumb, but when Jared and I moved into our new home a month or so ago, I changed my ways. We now have this beautiful garden tucked in the corner of our backyard. This being our very first garden, we didn’t go all crazy with the amount of vegetables and herbs. A friend of ours, bless her heart, planted everything for us as a housewarming gift. We truly have some wonderful friends.

Keeping the vegetables and herbs nice and healthy is a lot of work! Being sure to water them every single day when the sun dies down is a chore. But, we’re really excited to taste freshly ripe vegetables straight from the garden. Take a look at our garden and see the types of vegetables and herbs we planted!

There’s Jared working hard to make those veggies grow!

We have Black Beauty eggplant growing in our garden. There’s the first baby one! So exciting.

We have yellow and green peppers. These veggies are so expensive at the grocery store, I’m glad we now have access to getting them for free!

Four baby peppers are growing strong! Look how cute they are!

Do you see those little holes on the pepper leaves? Well, we had tiny red beetles that ate the leaves! We got some Seven Dust Pesticide from Home Depot and it worked like a charm. We lighted dusted the leaves with the Seven Dust and the beetles are no longer around.

We have two varieties of tomatoes growing—Red Beefsteak and Better Boy.

We have cucumbers for our feta tzatziki sauce!

And strawberries for my fruit-flavored mojitos!

We also have a handful of herbs mixed into our garden as well such as basil and dill…

Fresh thyme and oregano…

And lastly Mexican tarragon.

What vegetables and herbs do you have growing in your garden? Leave a comment!

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  • Sage, chives, thyme, and rosemary!!! I have what I like to call a “black thumb” given the fact that I can kill even a cactus…i mean, you don’t even have to water those things but I managed to do it. But the sage, thyme, and rosemary are awesomely out of control and the chives come back full force every single year!

    You should try garlic too! My aunt has grown some killer garlic in her garden :)

    • Isabel

      That’s what I need to grow…rosemary and sage! We’ll definitely add that to mix :) Oh and GARLIC?! I didn’t know you can grow garlic. I’m sooooo doing that. I LOVE garlic…thanks for sharing, Laura!

  • We need to grow some red onions too! Maybe buy a fruit tree or somethin’!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Isabel

      Red onion and a fruit tree…next thing on the list :)

  • We’re only doing basil but it’s our first year trying- we don’t get much sun in our backyard, which is both a blessing and a curse! But the basil is growing REALLY well and we can hardly keep up with it!

    Be warned if you grow rosemary- that stuff gets out of control!!! My dad planted one rosemary plant and after a year it had taken over at least 3 square feet of his yard, he’s always trying to get rid of it now =)

    Enjoy your fresh herbs!

    • Isabel

      thanks for the advice about rosemary! i didn’t know they would grow out of control!!! i’ll definitely place it in a pot so that it’s contained. thanks, ellen!

  • Very nice garden! I hope to get one going one of these days. We’ve got lots of forest creatures in our backyard though — squirrels, rabbits, deer, even a fox! WTF, I thought this was NoVA, haha. Anyway, I worry they’ll eat everything!

    • Isabel

      LOL! You have fox in your backyard?! What part of NoVA do you live in? Oh, I would definitely be scared to start a garden with your wildlife. They would eat it all!!

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