Jul 29, 2011

Tour: A Kitchen of My Own

Ever since I was little, I loved to cook. I was the one in the kitchen with my parents helping them prep. I even cooked for my siblings even though I was the youngest! I’ve cooked in a lot of kitchens, but never my own. So needless to say when Jared and I moved into our first home together and I got my first kitchen, I was the happiest girl in the world. My kitchen is my home because cooking makes me happy.

Our kitchen is actually designed very nicely. There is no wasted space. Every space was thought through and utilized since it’s not a very big kitchen. As you see in the photos, the kitchen is a little messy. It’s a very slow process furnishing and decorating our house, that will come in time. So please pardon the mess.

Here’s the entrance to the kitchen. The black and white checkered floor is the first thing we noticed when we first looked at the house.

And there she is, my beautiful black & white kitchen. Refinished original white cabinets, black appliances and chrome/silver accents. I absolutely felt in love with the layout and space. It’s the perfect size for Jared and I. And it’s even more perfect for food photography! I have a total of three windows that let in natural light. You can’t see the third, but this is ideal for taking photos of my recipes. Couldn’t be happier about that.

As you go in, to the right is our stove. It’s a relatively newer stove and it’s great. It heats up pretty fast. Right above the stove, the house came with a shelf where I’ve placed just a few things such as our salt and pepper shakers, olive oil, balsamic and our cocktail shaker. You know, stuff we use all the time ;)

There isn’t a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen, so space is limited for our dinnerware and glassware.

Our sink is amazing. The sink is deep and the faucet is Moen and has a pulldown faucet head. Best thing ever.

Thank goodness we have a walk-in pantry because there would be no way we could fit everything in our cabinets. As you see, it’s a little messy. I still need to organize all of our wedding gifts we received! Seriously, it’s a mess!

Here’s a peek into our refrigerator. Right now, there’s a lot of vegetables and alcohol. Haha! Kinda weird combination, but we had beer leftover from my beer tasting party and my parents gave us a lot of vegetables from their garden last weekend.

Green tomatoes? Oh yes. I’m making fried green tomatoes tonight for dinner. If they turn out well, you’ll see the recipe on Pretty Tasty Things.

Our crispers are filled with fresh veggies! We have onions, lemons, herbs, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli and more hidden beneath.

Our freezer which is completely empty except for some frozen meals, ice cream, frozen veggies and meat.

This is our butcher block island, which was a gift from my mother-in-law! She brought this the first weekend we moved in. We’ve used it ever since. This island is where most of my photography takes place because it can be moved around the kitchen to wear the light is. It’s the perfect size for our kitchen.

Here is our breakfast nook!! Well, maybe not a breakfast nook set up right now. It seems like a storage area for our trash, garden pots, tv trays, paint supplies, etc. LOL. One of these days, we’ll be able to afford a mini bistro table for the area. What I love the most is our pots and pans holder hanging from the ceiling. This came with the purchase of the house since it was “part” of the structure.

Our nook also showcased our wine and liquor bottles…haha.

Thank you all for visiting our beautiful kitchen! I love my kitchen and I’m excited to cook more pretty tasty things for you all. On a side note, I’m tempted to change the wall color. Right now it’s a very pale yellow/green color. What wall color would you suggest?

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  • Does this post make the basement mine?

    Fill in the letters:

    M _ N C _ V _

    One guess: you can’t stand this phrase!

    • Isabel

      You can take the basement. I don’t like going down there anyways :) love you!

  • Wall colors choices.

    Burnt orange and Chicago maroon. Hokies, baby!!!!!!…


  • Good one Jared! haha Let’s just hope Isabel just doesn’t actually agree with you!
    I would probably go with a light gray, but if you’re looking for a punch of color a real red would also look great.

    • Isabel

      Don’t encourage him, Amy! HAHA. I was thinking a light gray too, but we just painted our living room that. I feel like it needs to be something different. Oh my, a real red? I think I have to sleep on that one. Thanks, Amy!!!

  • Hey, I recognize those salt + pepper mills. :) Very cute kitchen! We have the same “vintage” Mountain Dew cans in our fridge, haha. For the walls, I think an herb-y green would look cool with the black + white, kinda like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/22591947/

    • Isabel

      I love my salt + pepper mills! :) Thanks, Katie! I LOVE the suggestion of an herb-y green kitchen. It does give it a punch of color without being TOO loud. I think I need to break out of my safe colors of muted tones…haha. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Jared: I was thinking Purple and Gold for the colors; Isa would agree!

    • Isabel

      HAHA! I couldn’t agree with you more!! Goooo DUKES!

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