Jun 6, 2011

Four Samplings from Broad Appetit

If you live in Richmond and haven’t been to the annual Broad Appétit, you are insane. Unfortunately, you just missed it since it was this past Sunday. You certainly must remember it for next year!

Broad Appétit is an event where you can sample different cuisine from over 50 restaurants for only $3 a plate. Richmond is definitely known for it’s abundance in local restaurants, so this is a great event to try a sampling of food from a restaurant you’ve never been to at a very reasonable cost. You can spend all afternoon there just tasting, drinking and running into people. We tried four different dishes because we were still full from brunch with Jared’s family the morning of. However, this is an event we’ll definitely return year after year, and you should too.

First tasting: Grilled Sea Scallop with Sweet Corn from Empress
Seriously, the scallop was super fresh and melted in my mouth. It was as smooth as butter. The sweet corn accompanied the scallop giving it some texture with each bite and a bit of sweetness. Loved this dish. Must make grilled scallops soon.

Second tasting: Italian Ice from T&J’s Gourmet Ice
You can’t leave Broad Appetit without getting a cup of Italian Ice. It’s out of this world. We got the lemon-cherry-blue-raspberry and it literally tasted like a bomb pop. It was so refreshing on a warm day. I wish I had a whole tub in my freezer right now!

Third tasting: Banana Pudding from Gibson’s Grill
To be honest, I didn’t taste this one. I’m not a fan of banana desserts. However, Jared was craving banana pudding. The lady at the booth said it was “the best one he’ll ever eat.” Sadly, Jared didn’t think it was. It was just alright, but the temperature wasn’t to his likely. Blame it on the heat.

Fourth and final tasting: Fried Green Tomatoes from Comfort
Leaving on a happy note, these fried green tomatoes were heavenly! They came out super hot and fresh, the batter was crispy and the dipping sauce was Ah-mazing!! It was lemony and spicy. Perfect combo. Will definitely get this again when I go back to Comfort.

If you got a chance to go to Broad Appétit, what was your favorite dish? Leave a comment!

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  • I’m so bummed I missed this! We had planned on going all week and then ended up not going, womp womp. This definitely reminded me that I need to go back to Comfort though. Yum.

    • Isabel

      Oh that sucks, Kim. Sorry you missed it! Definitely mark it for next year though. And I totally agree about going back to Comfort. I haven’t been in a while either!

  • […] local restaurants have to offer. And for $3 a sample, you can’t beat that! I’ve been to Broad Appétit three times now, and I’m sad to say that this year was a little more of a disappointment. […]

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