Apr 14, 2011

How to Make a Moss Monogram

I want to incorporate more DIY tutorials into Pretty Tasty Things, so I was searching through my favorite websites last night and found a simple tutorial on “How to make a moss monogram.” I found this on HGTV online and thought how perfect this would be for a wedding especially for the bride and groom’s initials or could even be placed on the dinner tables except with numbers. HGTV also showcased the moss monogram as decoration for the home during Easter. Either way, this is something that is affordable and can be done in advance. The steps are pretty simple, too. It’s essentially hot gluing moss to a craft letter. You can find the moss and buds at Michaels or another craft store in your area. I found the letters at Paper-Source for less than $4 each:

oversized chipboard letter
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks
reindeer moss
artificial sprig with buds

1. Glue moss to letter. Preheat the glue gun. Once hot, apply glue to the letter in small sections and immediately press the moss to the glue while holding in place. 

2. Attach Ribbon. Cut ribbon about eight inches long. Apply hot glue to letter’s back, pressing ribbon into glue until dry. Loop ribbon and glue down the other end.

3. Embellish letter. Cut individual buds off an artificial sprig using scissors. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the bud and press into moss.

To get the full step-by-step tutorial, go to HGTV. There you’ll find more tips and photo illustrations of this simply easy tutorial. You’ll be mossing letters in your sleep!

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  • soo cute!

  • I agree, very cute!!! Great idea, and easy to do!

  • Very cute! Last night I found a site to show you how to make a moss covered wreath with a letter inside so it’s so funny you have this on here now. I am thinking of making one to go on our door.

    • Isabel

      Oh nice! What a coincidence! You should share the finished product with us. Would love to see it!

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