Mar 11, 2011

Mercado de San Miguel

If you ever find yourself in Madrid, there is one place you have to visit if you are an ultimate foodie. The Mercado de San Miguel is the place to get a feel for Spanish cuisine. It’s a very hip indoor farmers market with over 30 vendors selling oh-so-tasty tapas, sandwiches, croquettes, seafood, jamón, sushi, sangria, beer & wine and so much more. We stumbled upon the market on our second day just after we ate our lunch nearby. I was so disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to taste any food that day so we returned the following day and went crazy. We drank ourselves silly and had very happy and full stomachs.

As soon as you walk into the market, it’s packed with locals and tourists, tasting and drinking. The covered market, over 100 years old, is a beautiful piece of art recently refurbished with glass walls and iron details. Great ambiance, friendly faces and fresh food. I loved this place.

Man, people in Spain do love their jamón ibérico. They eat it anytime of the day, with pretty much anything. Jamón ibérico is type of cured ham made only in Spain. It’s the finest type of ham cured for, I think, 36 months. It’s sliced thinly and enjoyed by all.

Fresh pasta and beans galore placed in beautiful handmade sacks.

Here’s Jared enjoying a cerveza at the taco shop, probably his 3rd cup! He does loves his beer.

I had a very tiny tiny sample of their helado (ice cream). It was too small! I had a scoop of their chocolate while Jared had their mint chocolate. Yum!

When we returned the second day, we went crazy. We felt like kids in a candy story. We maybe spent 25 euros, but it was certainly worth it. What a wonderful experience to walk around and try things we’ve never tried before. We sampled five different croquettes, which totally trumps my potato corquettes I had at my wedding. We selected some cheese and meat tapas we thought were delicious. To top it off, we ended our tasting with the best chocolate mousse dessert ever. Hands down, food in Madrid was something else.

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  • I’ve been to Europe once, but didn’t have the opportunity to visit Spain. I will definitely be putting Mercado de San Miguel when I get the chance.

    Found your blog from Coffee, Light & Sweet and I love it! Your braid in that photo is super cute.

  • Isabel

    if you ever go back to europe, Spain is a must. we went to barcelona, sevilla and madrid and it was the best honeymoon ever.

    so glad you found/love my blog! your blog is fabulous, too! I see your brother opened up a restaurant for banh mi sandwiches!!! I love them, but never have made them myself. do you recommend a recipe I can try? thank you! p.s. and you design invitations! love it!

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  • I have such fond memories of my travels in Spain. I loved this market too! Fell in LOVE w/those little toothpicks of sardines in olives. Did you have a fave city? Mine was definitely Seville.

    • Isabel

      Seville was definitely my favorite too!!!!!!! Oh, I want to go back so badly. Maybe one of these days :)

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