Feb 23, 2011

Cafe con leche in Espana

Café con leche sounds so much better than the American translation, coffee with milk, doesn’t it? While Jared and I were in honeymooning in Spain for eight nights, we literally had café con leche every day and it was glorious. I don’t know, there’s just something about how they make their café con leche that I am obsessed with. The one to one ratio of espresso to scalded milk made us feel alive every morning and even re-energized us mid-day. What I wouldn’t do just to go back to Spain and spend 2 euros for a cup. You know we loved it so much when looking back at our 2,000+ photos we saw a photo of every café con leche we had for every day we were in Spain.

Day 1: The very first day we arrived, we wanted to sample authentic Spain cuisine so literally steps away from our hotel near the La Catedral de Barcelona was a restaurant called El Cafe D’en Victor. There we experienced our very first café con leche accompanied with delicious tapas. We never looked back.

Day 2: Barcelona—In the midst of the ongoing strikes, we found comfort in enjoying a cup before **** hit the fan. Literally.

Day 3: Barcelona—After touring Barcelona all day, we got off the bus and found ourselves seated at a very local restaurant where no one spoke English. All we said was “Manchego, croquetas and cafe con leche” and we were happy.

Day 4: In Sevilla, our favorite city, we spent 2 amazing nights. We wish we had stayed longer! Our hotel, Hotel Casa 1800, was absolutely beautiful located right in the heart of the city. They offered tea time and all the café con leche you could drink! I say, free café con leche is the best café con leche.

Day 5: Sevilla—This café was situated along a fairly busy “calle” in Sevilla where people just sat outside, ate, drank and laughed with friends. It was amazing.

Day 6: Madrid—What a complete change from the beautiful weather in Sevilla. What were we thinking having a café con leche outside in the freezing cold? Unfortunately, the café con leche wasn’t able to warm us up!

Day 7: Madrid—Our hotel was off the beaten path so we had to take the metro to get into town, but before we began our journey we found a cute café with the nicest Asian owners who made a darn good café con leche.

Day 8: Madrid—My most memorable café con leche was in Madrid at the cutest little eatery I’d ever seen. I forget the name of it, but the café con leche was presented in a small drinking bowl. It was beautiful. Who knew a cup of café con leche would look as pretty as its’ taste.

Stay tuned for the next post next week’s post where I show you how to make your own café con leche here in the States and at the comfort of your own home, plus a giveaway!

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